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Machine Design

Timing-Belt Connection System

A mechanical connection system for T10 and AT10 pitch timing belts (dc version) is designed for easy and rapid assembly of belts directly on machinery.

Shafts and pulleys are easily accessible, eliminating disassembly of machinery parts. The lock can also be easily disconnected. The belt's finger-spliced ends are ready for clamping using the kit's hardware, which consists of carbon-fiber-reinforced polyamide connecting plates and tooth inserts including the screws (two/plate). Belt width determines tensile strength: 32 mm is 550 N, 50 mm is 750 N, 75 mm is 1,000 N, and 100 mm is 1,500 N.

BRECOflex Co. L.L.C., 222 Industrial Way West, Eatontown, NJ 07724, (732) 460-9500,

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