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Tiny Photoelectrics

The Minos line of subminiature photoelectric sensors feature the smallest distance adjustable true background suppression.

The sensors measure 8 3 10.8 3 16 mm, which is smaller than a keyboard key. With single-button teach-in and true background suppression by triangulation, the sensor detects regardless of color, texture, or reflectivity while simultaneously ignoring all background objects. An interference-resistant pulsed visible red light source gives the sensors a 60-mm sensing range in true-background-suppression versions and a 150-mm range in standard diffuse. Additional features are a response time of less than 500 m sec, multiple indicator LEDs, short-circuit and reverse-polarity protection, and a wide 10 to 30-Vdc supply range. The easily mountable Minos is offered in cable or M8 connector pigtail options. Applications include uses in semiconductor, printed-circuit board, packaging, textile, printing and graphics, assembly, robotics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Baumer Electric Ltd., 122 Spring St. C-6, Southington, CT 06489, (860) 621-2121,

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