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“Keep it simple” is good advice for any designer, and the idea behind a new motor brake that incorporates its own encoder. With the UL-approved Smart Brake, designers can add feedback to any system without having to select, qualify, and install a separate enclosure. The integral brake-encoder package reduces not only complexity, but space and cost as well. It also improves accuracy, providing continuous close-to-the-load measurements of position, direction, and speed.


On display: Smart Brake

Key feature: Integral rotary encoder

What it means to you: Save time, space, and money while upgrading precision braking applications with closed-loop control

What else: Easy to configure with PLC, vector-drive, and variable-speed controllers; wide torque range (1.5 to 175 lb-ft); mounts to any NEMA C Face motor (56C to 286TC); offers choice of four enclosure ratings including standard, waterproof, washdown, and hazardous.

Innovator: Dings Co., Milwaukee, Wis.

For more info: Call (414) 672-7830 or visit
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