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A touch of Midas

A spray coating technique from <B>Metall-FX</B> in the U.K. can replace traditional gold leaf or provide the quality feel and durability of solid metals without the expense, weight or inconvenience of machined or forged metal products.

The spray process is available for precious metals, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, iron, pewter, stainless steel, tin and zinc, plus alloys of these metals.

The process uses sintered metal in a two-part resin system. The metal undergoes an exothermic cure reaction and sets into solid metal that can be polished, aged, textured, or otherwise treated as any thinly applied metal coating, such as silver plate. With Metall-FX, a trained technician simply primes the surface, sprays the liquid metal in a manner similar to applying paint to a car, and “walks away.”

Virtually any surface can be coated including wood, metal, glass, MDF, plaster, fiberglass, concrete, plastics, metal, as well as painted and unpainted surfaces. The metal can also be made conductive or non-conductive. The coatings are waterproof, heat resistant, class O fire resistant, have a 12 to 15-year warranty, and will last in the same way as traditional metal coatings: If it rusts, it could rust through, or vigorously polishing could wear through it as with a silver-plated object. The cost of the product varies depending on the metal used, and all prices are linked to the London Metal Exchange. Metal-FX

ABS light fitting is finished in antique bronze.

Polystyrene figure is coated with bronze, inlayed with various metals, all with aged finish.

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