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Touchscreen Monitor For Bright Light

MicroTouch M150 high-brightness touchscreen monitor delivers 400 Nit brightness and a 430:1 contrast ratio.

The 15-in. TFT LCD excels in high-ambient-light applications where standard LCD panels might appear dimmer or washed out. The enhanced brightness and contrast also help produce vivid, distinct colors, boosting visual appeal of graphics and color-intensive applications.

M150HB touch monitors are available with both serial and USB connectivity, and come with MicroTouch ClearTek capacitive touch technology. ClearTek provides accuracy and sensitivity to the users touch while offering outstanding durability and resistance to dirt, liquids, and harsh chemicals. The monitors, however, are not intended for use or readability in direct sunlight.

3M Touch Systems Inc., 300 Griffin Brook Park Dr., Methuen, MA 01844, (978) 659-9000,

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