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Tribute to the Fukushima 50

In response to our recent Motion Monitor eNewsletter, which encouraged prayers for the brave Japanese workers trying to solve the many problems at the beleaguered Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, we received dozens of heartfelt letters. The “Fukushima 50” refers to the roughly 180 technicians and engineers working in shifts of 50 at a time to repair the plant and save fellow citizens from further harm. The letter below summarizes the sentiments of many who took the time to write to us. Thank you to all who responded in such a caring way.

Honoring bravery

Ours is not a glamorous profession. We are rarely in any spotlights. Unlike police, firefighters, and our military, who know that their professions involve risk, engineers and technicians are not generally called upon to demonstrate bravery in the face of physical harm. At Fukushima, however, these people will do what no one else — rock star, movie star, politician, activist, or other society tinsel — can do: Sacrifice their health and possibly their lives to save their fellow countrymen. Without glitter. Without glamour. What is sufficient to honor them?
R. C. Lacovara, Ph.D.
Charlottesville, Va

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