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Machine Design

Triple-Tandem Lift

Triple-tandem lifts raise a 10,000-lb load 12 ft with better than a 3:1 safety factor.

Six hydraulic cylinders fitted with chrome-plated shafts (prevents corrosion) move the load. A flow divider synchronizes cylinder movement for uniform, level lifting. Each cylinder contains a pilot-operated safety holding valve to prevent inadvertent lowering due to a power or hydraulic failure. A safety-pressure-relief valve prevents mechanical overloads.

The steel lift is made in three bolt-together sections for ease of assembly and disassembly. Connecting rods keep the three sections mechanically synchronized, even when loads aren't evenly distributed. Applications include large assembly, cargo handling, painting large items, mezzanine access, and stagecraft.

Air Technical Industries, 751 Clover Ave., Mentor, OH 44060, (440) 951-5191,

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