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Tube Hone Tackles Taper Variation and Drift in Long Bores

Tube Hone Tackles Taper Variation and Drift in Long Bores

The HTD tube hone provides fast, accurate honing of cannon barrels, hydraulic cylinders, helicopter driveshafts, submarine periscopes, and downhole-oil-drilling components. The machine corrects bore geometry and size errors. It also produces specific surface finishes and crosshatch angles to ensure correct sliding or sealing surfaces between mating parts. The HTD is particularly suited for controlling taper variation and drift in long bores and uses tools that have up to three times the abrasive length of ordinary tools. Available abrasives include CBN, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and diamond honing stones.

The machine features a 52-ft stroke and handles parts up to 39 in. in diameter. It sports an electronically controlled, 30-kW, 40.23-hp spindle motor and can remove stock at a rate of 150 in.3/hr.

Sunnen Products Co., 7910 Manchester Rd., St. Louis, MO 63143, (800) 325-3670,

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