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Two automation conferences, one location

OMAC and WBF will co-locate their 2009 conferences, to be held May 4 to 6, 2009, in Research Triangle Park, N.C., at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Conference Center. The uniting theme is “Expanding the Horizons of Manufacturing: Learning and Sharing with the Leaders in Automation and Manufacturing.” These Automation Federation member organizations will hold their conferences in the same location to provide attendees a greater breadth of topics and additional networking opportunities, and to increase collaboration for the advancement of industrial standards, say event organizers.

The WBF 2009 North American Conference will focus on new manufacturing methods, featuring presentations and tutorials on ISA88, ISA95, ISA99, B2MML, and Make2Pack. These sessions will complement the 2009 OMAC Integration Symposium, which will cover evolving manufacturing technologies in packaging, machine tools, robotics, emerging technologies, operations management, and the implementation of industry standards. For more information, visit and

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