Machine Design

Two CMMs In One

The TrackArm uses a specially designed laser target assembly to unite the Faro Laser Tracker CMM

, which has a range of up to 230 ft, with the Platinum FaroArm six-degree-of-freedom probe. CAM2 Measure X software makes data from both systems accessible. In use, the Laser Tracker gives large volume, 3D measurements and the Platinum FaroArm's six degrees of freedom then lets users reach hidden points that other tracker systems might miss. The switch from the Tracker to the Arm can take place in seconds. The big benefit of TrackArm technology is that the user no longer need go through the lengthy process of establishing reference points. This is accomplished in part by having a dedicated laser target mounted on the Platinum FaroArm. Systems components can also be used separately as two stand-alone portable CMMs.

FARO Technologies Inc., 525 Technology Park, Suite 125, Lake Mary, FL 32746, (800) 736-0234,

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