Machine Design

Two moves in one

The DXL150 positioning table provides highly accurate positioning with constant velocity control.

A dual carriage linear-motor positioning table from Parker Hannifin's Daedal Division, Irwin, Pa., sports two independent carriages on one linear travel path.

Each carriage on the DXL150 is independently driven by a cogfree, ironless linear servomotor to minimize velocity ripple and optimize responsiveness. The carriages can be programmed to move in tandem, in opposing directions, or independently.

A hard-shell design, sealed to IP 30, prevents contamination from entering the positioner. The base includes a tooling reference edge parallel to the travel path so user set-ups and tooling are precisely located within 25 m of the table's actual travel path. A linear encoder provides a range of resolutions from 20 nm to 5 µm. Depending on the selected resolution, the carriages can travel up to 500 mm/sec with repeated positioning within ± 0.3 m.

The table is suited for high-precision motion applications such as fused-fiber applications requiring extremely high resolution and precise velocity control. Other applications include medical device manufacturing and image applications where focal distance must be precisely controlled. The DXL150 is available with a preconfigured digital servodrive compatible with all industry-standard motion controllers. It can be ordered to Class 10 clean-room specifications.

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