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Two technical references from igus

Two technical references from igus

Want to learn more about plastic bearings and when to consider using them in your designs? Check out two new mini-lessons from igus inc., East Providence, R.I. The company has published new additions to its TechTalk Design Advice Series, created and written by igus product managers. The two most recent installments for the company’s bearings line are “The Science Behind Triboplastic Bearings” and “Increase Speeds and Accelerations with Plastic Bearings,” which both aim to educate design engineers by offering technical insights and tips.

The Science Behind Triboplastic Bearings” discusses the details behind plastics’ tribological properties and tries to overcome some misconceptions about plastic bearings.

Increase Speeds and Accelerations with Plastic Bearings” compares the performance of standard ball bearings versus plastic linear bearings as they react to high accelerations and decelerations. Since igus’ linear bearings are capable of unlimited accelerations without any negative effects, one customer was able to increase throughput by 20%.

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