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Machine Design

Ultracompact Servomotor

The IndraDyn S Series of synchronous servomotors use motor poles individually wound prior to stator assembly to eliminate end turns, maximize copper content, and provide the greatest power output in the shortest possible motor design.

Motors come in a range of frame sizes and lengths with torque ratings from 0.1 to 240 Nm. Basic versions offer flange and rotational accuracy according to tolerance Class N and use Hiperface encoders delivering 128 increments/rev. Advanced versions are equipped with high-resolution EnDat encoders delivering 2,048 increments/rev plus flange and rotational accuracy within tolerance Class R. Both feedback options are available in incremental (single-turn) and absolute (multiturn) versions. In addition, feedback and power connectors can be rotated up to 240°. To increase performance, motors can be equipped with external blowers or be liquid cooled.

Bosch Rexroth Corp., Electric Drives and Controls,
5150 Prairie Stone Pkwy.,
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192,
(847) 645-3774,

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