Machine Design

Ultraminiature Microstepping Driver

The IM481H PLUS microstepping driver includes a patented motion-control chip adding active antiresonance, ultrasmooth low-speed motion, and precise current control to perform demanding motion-control applications and drive stepping motors up to NEMA Size 23.

The package measures 1.1 X 2.7 X 0.175 in. (28 X 69 X 4.4 mm). Features include short-circuit and thermal protection, adjustable automatic-current reduction, at full step and fault outputs. Input voltage is 12 to 48 V. The 2.1-A peak driver incorporates advanced ASIC technology that reduces motor heating and allows use of low-inductance stepper motors for high-speed performance and efficiency. The drive has 16 built-in microstep resolutions, ranging from full step to 51,200 steps/rev (1.8° motor).

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc., Box 457, Marlborough, CT 06447, (860) 295-6102,

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