Machine Design

Ultrasonic Plastic Welder

An ultrasonic plastic welding system

, K35-XT, features a cast-alloy column for consistent welds and computer-controlled automatic tooling protection (ATP) that ensures horn and fixtures won't make contact. The ATP also provides position sensing and precise servo control to compensate for part variations within tolerances. The K35-XT has a 35-kHz operating frequency, 900 W of power, a supply voltage of 230 Vac, and programmable amplitude from 30 to 100%. Trigger and weld forces range between 2.5 to 200 lbf. Height is adjustable over 6 in. and weld horn stroke length is 2 in. Typical applications include automotive, medical, packaging, computer, telecommunications, and toys.

Stapla Ultrasonics Corp.,
375 Ballardvale St., Wilmington, MA 01876,
(978) 658-9400,

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