Machine Design

Ultrasonic Sensors

The Virtu ultrasonic sensor features dual mount options and sensing ranges from 50 to 510 mm (2 to 20 in).

With UL enclosure ratings of NEMA-43 and IP67, these CE-certified sensors are resistant to dust, 100% humidity, most acids and bases, and high-pressure washdowns. The sensors are virtually impervious to the effects of splashing food, caustic cleaning solutions, or changing light conditions. Shielding and filtering make the fully encapsulated sensor immune to radiated or conducted energy. The Virtu18 has the same features, but in an 18-mm barrel body style.

Hyde Park Electronics, LLC,
a company of Schneider Electric, 1875 Founders Dr., Dayton, OH 45420,
(937) 252-2121,

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