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Machine Design

Ultraviolet Light Sensor

This UV sensor identifies the presence of grease, glue, labels, wood, thread, rubber, paint, UV ink, UV crayon, and more to confirm manufacturing processes more reliably than vision systems. The UVX 300 luminescence sensor provides a numerical display that shows the intensity of each reading to refine processes and hysteresis. With a range from 3 to 6× that of any competing sensor, it won’t get bumped or dirtied by the target. It’s the only UV sensor with both autoteach and manual calibration. Easy for low-skill operators, but able to be finely tuned. Adjustable UV-light projection and high resolution allow pin-head size detection. The unit has analog and discrete outputs as well as autodetection for pnp or npn operation.

EMX Inc.
4564 Johnston Parkway
Cleveland, OH 44128
(800) 426-9912

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