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Machine Design

Upgrades For Plastic Welders

A line of heat-staking and heat-inserting plastic welders features rugged LCD-touchscreen displays and a readily adjustable and rigid H-frame that eliminates flexing.

Other welder features include prewired harnesses with connectors for both lowvoltage controllers and high-voltage heaters. The low-voltage harness has six connectors to run six zones. The harness for heaters can be daisy-chained from one module to the next. The controllers are plug-in modules with master/slave capability. Each master controller powers up to three heaters plus three more slave modules each of which powers three more heaters. The welders also have a step-up mode that jogs the head down to quickly align the probe. The presses are preprogrammed to accept optional slide kits, postcooling, fixture clamping, and optional switches.

Dukane Corp.,
2900 Dukane Dr., St.
Charles, IL 60174,
(630) 797-4900,

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