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Urethane-Based Decorative Film

Dorrie LG, a urethane-based lowgloss (

<10) decorative film, is designed for use as a cap layer for decorating extruded EPDM and TPEs, such as window surrounds and door-belt moldings. The film thermally bonds to hot extrusions, making application easy. The material is tough, durable, environmentally friendly, PVC-free, stain resistant, and impervious to common process oils. Dorrie LG comes as ready-to-use custom-slit tape on rolls in custom colors or an alternate gloss finish. Also available is a choice of polymeric backings suitable for bonding to TPV, TPE, EPDM, PP, and ABS.

Dorrie International, 9 Wilton Ave., Norwalk, CT 06851, (203) 846-2087,

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