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Machine Design

USB Data-Acquistion Modules

The USB-1608HS and USB-1608HS-2AO are high-performance USB data-acquisition modules that provide simultaneous data capture of up to eight channels of 16-bit single-ended or differential analog input at up to 250 kHz/channel. Both units use separate a/d converters for each channel that acquires data in either software-paced or continuous-scan modes. An analog trigger function starts and controls analog input acquisitions based on the value of a digital or analog signal. A synchronization input line provides an external sampling clock for the analog inputs. A synchronization output line transmits the internal or external sampling clock to synchronize other devices in the system. The two independent 16-bit analog output channels on the USB-1608HS-2AO can be configured with a remote sensing option to compensate for voltage drop errors that may occur at the field device. The units are also compatible with Measurement Studio–MCC Edition, DASYLab, and other third-party data-acquisition and application software.

Measurement Computing Corp., 10 Commerce Way, Norton, MA 02766, (508) 946-5100,

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