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UV-curing adhesive

UV22 is a UV-curable epoxy reinforced with silica particles <50nm in diameter. The reinforcement increases abrasion resistance, improves optical clarity, reduces shrinkage, and boosts strength. The resin's viscosity is 4,000 cps.

The single-component adhesive cures rapidly when exposed to UV light without heat. The material has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and is electrically insulative. The cured adhesive resists most chemicals, and withstands exposure to solvents, acids, and bases after postcure. Cured tensile strength is >4,600 psi, and cured tensile modulus is >500 ksi.

UV22 operates between -60 and 300°F. It comes in syringe applicators. A dual-cure version that cures with UV or heat is also available.

154 Hobart Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601-3922

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