Machine Design

UV Photoelectric Sensor

The CZ-H52 UV sensor detects the presence of fluorescent agents used in various products and packaging materials, as well as those not detected by ordinary photoelectric sensors.

It transmits a UV light beam and picks up the visible light reflected by fluorescent materials. A sputtered gold coating on the receiver lens eliminates ambient and stray light reflections. The sensor head measures 0.59 1.30 0.94 in. Features include UV On and Detection LED indicators in the back panel display, detection range of 0.98 to 2.17 in., and minimum beam spot size of 0.39 in. at a distance of 0.98 in. from the target. Fluorescent wavelengths from 425 to 550 nm can be detected.

Keyence Corp. of America, 50 Tice Blvd., Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677, (888) 539-3623,

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