Machine Design

V-drives are compact and versatile


The V-Drive Series of precision right-angle gearheads from Alpha Gear Drives Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill., are compact and come with center distances ranging from 50 to 100 mm and ratios of 4:1 to 40:1. The drives can be configured for several different outputs and mounting positions. It can come equipped with keyed or smooth hollow shafts, keyed or smooth shaft mounts, flange mounts, and it has a spline shaft option for rack-and-pinion applications.

Machined mounting points on all sides of the housing and the use of synthetic oil lets the drive be mounted in almost any position. The drive features a tooth profile that gives it greater torque capabilities, higher precision, and higher speed than similarly sized units. Drive efficiencies are as high as 95%, and come with a backlash rating of 3 arc minutes or less. It maintains this backlash rating longer because of the special tooth form and use of synthetic oil. The maintenance-free gearhead is completely sealed, eliminating leaks.

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