Machine Design

Valve Terminals Are Compact And Versatile

CP valves and valve terminals meet the demand for compact system design. Smaller control systems positioned close to the drives provide faster-responding pneumatics and result in shorter machine cycle times, especially for decentralized systems. The CP valves from Festo, Hauppauge, N.Y. are available in three different sizes, the 10-mm Micro with a 400-lpm flow, 14-mm Midi (800 lpm), and 18-mm Midi (1,600 lpm).

Another space-saving advantage is the ability to integrate a vacuum valve directly into the valve terminal, eliminating the need for an additional vacuum generator. Various valve functions, electrical relay contacts, pressure zones, and vacuum generation are thus an integral part of the valve terminal. This, in turn, permits short tubing connections which mean faster response and higher productivity.

Connection modes include signal plug, multipin, fieldbus, and AS-Interface, making the valve terminals compatible with most control systems. Festo also offers the capability of direct, nonadapted connection to a fieldbus for AS Interface, Interbus Loop, DeviceNet, CANopen, and Profibus.

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