Machine Design

Vandalproof Pushbutton Switch

The P5-V Series vandalproof pushbutton switch has an aluminum security-level or a stainlesssteel vandalproof case and button.

When pushed, the switch stays on until pushed again to turn off. Positive tactile feedback alerts the operator when the switch is activated. The button returns to the original position after each actuation. A patented rolling-sleeve design seals the switch at the button. Terminals are sealed with epoxy to keep out flux during wiring and behind-panel dirt and moisture. Watertight sealing to 1-m pressure is also available. Additional features include <25-m contact resistance, handles currents from low level to 10 A, and has a 1,000,000 mechanical-cycle life.

Otto Controls, Div. of Otto Engineering, 2 East Main St., Carpentersville, IL 60110, (847) 428-7171,

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