Machine Design

Vane Motors For Fan-Drive Systems

M5BF vane motors from Denison Hydraulics, Marysville, Ohio, are for fan-drive systems used on off-highway equipment. They have pressure ratings to 4,650 psi, speed ranges of 100 to 6,000 rpm, and a choice of five cartridges with displacements up to 2.75 cu in./rev. The motors feature replaceable cartridge assemblies with 12-vane configurations. Hydraulic pins and light springs hold the vanes radially against cam-ring contours to ensure a seal at zero speed. Radial grooves and holes balance radial hydraulic forces. Double-lip vanes are said to reduce fluid contamination.

With double-row, reversed-contact ball bearings supporting extended tapered shafts, the motors can be used in fan-drive systems. The fan mounts directly onto the shaft and the heavy-duty bearing accommodates radial and axial loading. Applications include automobiles, buses, combine harvesters, trains, large generators, and mining machines.


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