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Vector-duty encoder - Dynapar Corp

The redesigned HS35 vectory-duty hollow-shaft encoder, called the HS35R, features a 400-g shock rating, optional –40 to 100°C operating range, and an unbreakable code disc.
The unit’s phased-array sensing module offers a wider gap between sensor and disc that eliminates disc crashes. Quadrature and symmetry functions are set at chip level, eliminating the need for external trimpots.
In the redesign, the glass disc was replaced with a rigid plastic version that provides high-resolution capability up to 5,000 ppr and allows a wider operating-temperature range. The use of plastic helps the encoder survive punishing HALT (highly accelerated life testing) evaluation without a hard failure.
The HS35R uses “captured” bearings with retaining bolts to improve manufacturability and resist run-out.
To eliminate eddy-current buildup, composite materials on the encoder’s shaft hub provide electrical and thermal isolation. The unit features lubricated, face-riding shaft seals with protective covers instead of stationary lip-contact seals for improved moisture resistance. For increased protection, the encoder housing uses a compression and O-ring seal arrangement, and the assembly screws holding the unit together are placed outside of the seals to eliminate additional ingress points.
Dynapar Corp., 1675 Delany Rd., Gurnee, IL 60031, (800) 873-8731,

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