Machine Design

Vehicle Joysticks

JED Series joysticks feature onboard output signal conditioning for PWM, proportional voltage, on/off, or "raw" (0.5 to 4.5-Vdc/axis) signals for direct input to mobile controllers.

These units accept unconditioned vehicle voltage input from 9 to 32 Vdc. An offcenter switch energizes a hydraulic pump "dump valve." Deadband adjustment, minimum, and maximum outputs are user configurable. Resolution automatically spreads from minimum to maximum over full joystick deflection. Users can set a minimum handle position to the point at which machine motion starts, regardless of inherent system deadband or type of machine. Other features include RoHs compliance, automatic detection of 12 or 24-V configuration, and adjustable dither frequency and amplitude when configured for PWM outputs. Handle buttons, trigger, rocker switch, and proportional thumb roller for third axis of control are optional.

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