Machine Design

Versatile Impact Riveter

The HP2000 hydra-pneumatic impact riveter is reportedly more controllable and adaptable than conventional impact-riveting machines.

It is available with a 24-in. throat and can autofeed and quickly set solid rivets up to 7/16-in. diameter. Features include 20-ton capacity, lubed-for-life ram assembly, quiet operation, and it can set rivets at multiple finished heights. A variety of tooling, palm buttons, foot switches, and light curtains is available.

The HP2000 automatically compensates for minor material thickness and rivet-length variations for consistent results. The machine controls setting pressure, making it suited for brittle and fragile parts as well as heavy-duty applications. An optional Watchdawg system monitors and controls dynamic force and distance.

Orbitform, 1600 Executive Dr., Jackson, MI 49203, (800) 816-9661,

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