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Machine Design

VI Chip Handles 100 A

The V048K015T100 VI Chip Voltage Transformation Module (VTM) is said to be the first sine-amplitude converter capable of 100 A.

It also provides isolation from input to output, occupies less than 0.25 in.3, and responds in a fraction of 1 microsec to no load/full load and full load/no load step changes. Optimized for very low output voltages at high currents, it boasts efficiency of 90% at 1.2 V/100 A, and better than 92% at 50 A. The VTM may be paralleled to deliver hundreds of amps at an output voltage settable from 0.8 to 1.6 Vdc. As a point-of-load current multiplier (323 ) with megahertz bandwidth, the VTM can eliminate bulk capacitors and the high power-distribution losses caused by busing high currents to the POL. VTMs maximize POL density and efficiency while minimizing total system cost. The device can be operated either open or closed-loop depending on the output regulation needs of the application. Operating open loop, the device can handle applications requiring a programmable low output voltage at high current and high efficiency. Closing the loop back to an input Pre-Regulator Module (PRM) or dc-dc converter compensates for ROUT.

Vicor Corp.,
25 Frontage Rd., Andover, MA 01810,
(800) 735-6200,

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