Machine Design

Vibration Mounts

The 240-page Shock and Vibration Damping Components, V100 catalog covers over 1,270 components

including base, channel, and suspension mounts; bushings, pads, and bumpers in a wide range of materials such as stainlesssteel mesh and springs, silicone gel, neoprene rubber, and Sorbothane. Also featured are shock absorbers and over 300 shaft couplings that eliminate or reduce shock and vibration from shaft to shaft.

Technical sections cover such topics as Fundamentals of Vibration and Shock, Definitions and Concepts, Vibration Isolation Analysis, and Design Problems. A Shaft Coupling section features application considerations, classification of couplings, performance characteristics, and design examples.

Advanced Antivibration Components,
2101 Jericho Turnpike, Box 5416,
New Hyde Park, NY 11042,
(516) 328-3662,

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