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Machine Design

Vision sensors - Banner Engineering Corp.

The PresencePLUS P4 IP68-rated, sealed Omni vision sensor has a nickel-plated aluminum housing that withstands demanding wash-down conditions and dust and debris from harsh-duty environments through the use of an integrated ring light or lens cover. The housing also withstands shock and vibration.
The vision sensor performs repeatable quality inspections in challenging automotive, assembly, food handling, printing, pharmaceutical, and packaging applications.

Features of the sensor include proven user interface; intuitive setup procedure and common graphical interface that supports nine languages; Ethernet, serial, flexible discrete I/O, and real-time video output; and inspection, image, and results export using the
Microsoft ActiveX platform.

Banner Engineering Corp., 9714 Tenth Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN 55441, (888) 373.6767,

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