Machine Design

VME Chassis Enclosure

The E118 single-slot VME or CompactPCI chassis enclosure is environmentally sealed and stands up to extreme conditions of altitude, temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, EMI/RFI, and chemical exposure.

Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, the enclosures come with captive fasteners, helical wire-rope-type shock and vibration isolators in bottom or side-assembly configurations, and mounting brackets for hard mounting in cold-plate applications. All enclosures are treated to resist corrosion and fungus. The E118 chassis features metal-to-metal clamping with conductive surfaces and fasteners, conductive O-ring seals, and line feed-through filters on the I/O panel's inner surface. Operating temperature range is 40 to 71°C at 5 to 95% relatively humidity with condensation.

Aitech Defense Systems Inc.,9301 Oakdale Ave., Mail Stop 190, Chatsworth, CA 91311, (888)248-3248,

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