Motion System Design
W. L. Gore & Associates

W. L. Gore & Associates

W. L. Gore & Associates has made its name by creating innovative, technologydriven products. The company’s 50-year history of innovation extends from surgical implants to the first waterproof, breathable fabric and from guitar strings to electronic cables used in space exploration. Today the company provides thousands of products that have set performance standards in consumer, industrial, electronic, medical, and surgical markets. Behind every product and every application, you’ll find a steadfast commitment to performance and reliability. GORE cable offers superior flex life performance and maximum resistance to severe mechanical and environmental stresses:

  • Outstanding reliability due to chemically inert, low particulate, non-outgassing, and thermally resistant materials.
  • Excellent signal transmission during flex with highest bandwidth, lowest possible skew, and optimized shielding.
  • Extended flex-life and increased flexibility minimizes downtime; smaller cable size and tight bend radius reduces maintenance.
  • GORE Trackless High Flex Cable allows equipment manufacturers to eliminate cable track and its associated problems, such as particulation.
  • GORE High Flex Cables provide superior flex life performance, accurate positioning, faster speeds, quieter motion, and cleaner operation.
  • GORE Digital Vision Cables (FireWire, Camera Link, Ethernet) provide motion control and vision systems with reliable interconnects for high performance flex life and signal transmission.
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