Machine Design

Washdown Enclosure For Printers

A washdown enclosure for thermal-transfer coders eliminates the need for users to "bag" or remove the coder from a line prior to washdown, shortening prep and recovery times.

The stainless-steel enclosure surrounds the print head and features a removable cover that is installed before washdown, making the unit watertight. A large stainless-steel control-box enclosure, with a hinged door to seal the unit, holds the control box and SmartTouch portable control system. An optional heater prevents condensation from forming inside the print head. Additional features include a dual-support bracket assembly with window end plates and diverting rolls custom fit to each application, and watertight cable-entry ports.

Markem Corp., 150 Congress St., Box 2100, Keene, NH 03431, (603) 352-1130,

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