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The 2011 Washer Catalog features 25,000 nonstandard flat washer and spacer sizes available with no tooling charges. An easy-to-use reference guide covers available washers and spacers with 0.08 to 5.140-in. ODs, a variety of inside diameters and thicknesses, and over 2,000 commonly specified and difficult-to-find material variations.

Available materials are wrought cobalt, iron, and nickel-base superalloys, which provide improved mechanical strength, increased surface stability, corrosion resistance, and withstand high temperatures in harsh conditions. Additional materials include low-carbon sheet steel, various spring steels, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver. Nonmetallic options include ABS, acetal, polyester, nylon, MD nylon, polycarbonate, fiber, polyethylene, and various phenolics.

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