Machine Design

Waterproof Calipers And Micrometers

A line of digital calipers and micrometers carry an IP67 rating and features water-resistant materials in the casing and keyboard, and a fluid-protection system to protect electronics.

The MarCal EW calipers measure up to 6, 8, and 12 in. They can be equipped with a thumbwheel that helps maintain constant gaging force. There are also two depth-rod designs. A round rod makes it easy to measure depths with limited access. And a flatrod style provides stability for longer-duration measurements. They all have dirt wipers in the slide, lapped guideways, and hardened stainlesssteel slides, beams, and measuring blades. The 16 EW and 40 EW digital micrometers are rated IP65 and feature satin-chromed steel frames with insulated holders, lapped carbide-tipped anvils, hardened spindles, rapid drives, and integrated ratchets for repeatable measuring force. The 16 EW measures from 0 to 1 in.

Mahr Federal Inc., 1144 Eddy St., Providence RI 02905, (800) 343-2050,


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