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Motion System Design

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Online coupling configurator

Coupling selection should account for torque profiles, temperature, inertia mismatch, and rotational speed, among other things. This requires somewhat lengthy calculations to efficiently determine the correct coupling type and size.

To address the complexity, a new online coupling configurator at allows for easy selection of appropriate couplings based on simple questions and identifiable features — whether for precision couplings, vibration-damping couplings, line shafting, or mechanical torque limiters. No registration is required to use the tool.

Operating costs tool

The MOTORTEC STPe v1.5 program from Groschopp Inc. now allows engineers and product designers to calculate operating costs based upon electrical consumption. It calculates annual operating costs, speed, torque, power, estimated electrical current, and losses — for optimum motor selection. It is also possible to set the precision. The free downloadable tool is available at

AGMA events

The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) is an association of about 400 gearing experts worldwide that sets official industry standards and promotes an open development process, which is tailored to the global marketplace. The organization also offers training and seminars: Visit for the latest listings and session details.

Caster and wheel site

A new, intuitive interface and programming system have improved the wheel and caster site of Colson Caster Corp. A new search feature has been added to allow customers to search by either part number or keywords; content on the site is optimized to facilitate successful organic online searches for customers seeking general or targeted caster and wheel product data. All product specs, availability, and application information pages are kept current through administrative updates. For more information, visit

New movie online: Objectified

Now at is the second documentary film about designs from Gary Hustwit. The film explores how products come into being, and how they can create personal meaning. Delving into the connection between objects and their creators, the documentary features conversations with international designers, as well as critics.

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