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Motion System Design

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We invite you to spend some time at Motion System Design's website. Our website is updated frequently to include online-exclusive content, like in our Web FAQtory. We also include unique content related to Fun with Fundamentals winners and prizes and more. Read the latest industry news and find links to blogs and useful papers. Check it out.

Tune in

Don't miss, a new online video program created by five Penton Media engineering publications, including Motion System Design. Twice a week, our editors will discuss relevant topics of interest to engineers, focusing on emerging technologies, best practices, new products, the latest developments, behind the scenes footage, and insights into the people at the forefront of design engineering. Each episode runs from five to eight minutes. Viewers can receive notification of new episodes by e-mail or RSS. Tune in to see what's new in the engineering world!

Belt, pulley calculator

A timing and belt pulley calculation program for power transmission and linear drive applications is available at It lets users calculate belt length and pulley geometries, including the number of teeth and center distance. It also recommends belt widths according to power values entered and calculates belt safety factor for a given belt drive.

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