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Focal-length calculator

Needing to calculate wattage for your design? Incorporating a tailored sensor in your system? Minco, manufacturer of components for critical applications, has several online calculators to help design engineers convert English units to metric, as well as analyze resistance, wattage, and area requirements for resistance temperature detectors, thermocouples, thermistors, and flexible heaters. These tools include a sensor calculator, Chill-Out combination calculator, and Ohm's Law calculator. Check it out at

New site + design support

One new website reflects a redesigned product portfolio that makes it easier for engineers to specify cables, tubing, and accessories. Alpha Wire has relaunched specifically to offer better access to product specifications.

Customize your page

A new e-commerce website incorporates enhancements to provide more intuitive and satisfying searches. Misumi USA Inc. invites you to check it out at Customization also allows designers to make personal pages with saved components and product bookmarks.

Servo served fresh

One small Philadelphia-based company now offers servo and stepper motors and drives, motion and automation controllers, gears, positioning systems, bearings, and feedback devices. Found at, the web-based sales channel is particularly useful for those that prefer online component purchasing.

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