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Motion System Design

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“Blog on!”

Don't miss the latest streams of thought on MSD Editor Larry Berardinis' latest post discusses a design engineer's role in achieving productivity. Here's a selection from his post:

“In manufacturing, machines mean productivity. But whether or not they translate to profit depends on several factors, the most intrinsic of which is the machine's quality of work.

Consider a drill press, for example. There's a cost beyond materials and labor for each hole it produces. If the hole is within spec, this cost can be considered neutral. But if the hole's out-of-spec, the cost can be quite high, especially if it requires rework or a recall.

This puts a lot of pressure, as well as importance, on the people most responsible for the quantity and quality of work produced by today's machines. And those people, the guys who make machines do what they're supposed to do, are motion system engineers.”

Be sure to log onto Larry's blog at to read the rest, and see what he thinks makes a motion engineer.

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