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Motion System Design

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Stay tuned to Motion System Design's website, which is currently undergoing a redesign. Have some thoughts on how it might serve you better? We welcome your suggestions. E-mail ideas to [email protected].

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Engineering ethics site

Now at, engineers can access a free online program to vote on their preferred course of action for engineering and design dilemmas, as well as offer commentary.

A website of the National Institute for Engineering Ethics, it includes applied ethics cases taken from actual professional practice, and presented in narrative format.

Drives online

If a breakdown or need for increased efficiency has you in the market for variable frequency drives, one website warehouses both ac and dc products., with physical offices in Dallas, stocks a variety of variable speed drives in the 1/8 to 500 HP range from manufacturers like Hitachi and Polyspede. The site also provides Baldor motors for a variety of applications. All orders are insured.

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