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Surfing the web but tired of the same old sites?

Then stop by and visit us! Motion System Design's website is home to a vast amount of knowledge on all things motion control. In addition to archived articles from our magazine, you will find current news items you won't find in print.

This month, for example, you'll find additional articles that supplement our news department's industry focus on semiconductor manufacturing. You'll find one article on this topic starting on page 14, but if you click your mouse on our home page, you can read a viewpoint article and other semiconductor related news, too.

Check out our Fun with Fundamentals department online as well. Quizzes featured in the magazine can only be solved online. Last month's Pop Quiz (which can be found by clicking on the June issue) will accept answers through July 31. This months' FWF (page 64) follows our hero Finagle J. Wurme on a quest to build a skateboard ramp for his Siamese cat, Thrasher. Help design the ramp and win a new book. Don't miss these online chances to win our useful and fun prizes!

Does an article in this issue intrigue you? Do you want to learn more? Be sure to use our search feature to check out our archives. The current issue is just the tip of the iceberg for the amount of information Motion System Design can provide you.

Don't miss out. Log on now!

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