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Click on Current Issue for in-depth information on motors, bearings, linear motion, controllers, and sensors. Click on Issue Archive to browse past features; classic issues of the popular department Brushing Up are also warehoused to pass on to your favorite engineering student or protégé.

Knowledge swap

Are you in search of design answers but don't know where to get them? Do you have something to say about the latest technology your company is using? Let the world know your thoughts!

Swap ideas online at the new and comment on anything you like — from gears to drives to industrial foreign policy to microgravity. Join other readers in this online home to all things motion control and beyond.

MSD Editors Larry Berardinis, Elisabeth Eitel, Colleen Telling, and Mary Gannon invite you to read posts in Larry's blog and then share your thoughts on those posts. You must register to post replies or begin discussions in the open forum, but it takes just a couple minutes.

Get smart

Looking for the latest information on synchronization? Don't have time to attend lectures of interest? Mediasite is an online search tool that houses public presentations and lectures in one searchable database. The Sonic Foundry's Mediasite system gives users free, on-demand access to technical content created by hundreds of experts.

Topics range from information technology to disease and technical design to mental and emotional well-being. It gives users information needed for work, professional advancement, personal interest, safety, and education.

In addition to reading and viewing presentations and lectures, users can upload their presentations to share with others.

Log on to to learn something new.

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