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Have you stopped by Motion System Design's website lately? Our site is updated regularly to include online-exclusive content, like in our Knowledge FAQtory, a forum dedicated to bringing you information unique to our online home. We also include new content related to Fun with Fundamentals winners and prizes. Visit our forums and see what other readers have to say about the industry and technology we present or simply add your own thoughts.

Make the conversion

An updated desktop calculator from Groschopp Inc., Sioux Center, Iowa, makes it easier to calculate speed, torque, or power for motors. The Motortec STP calculator, a free download at, is designed for use with rotational device calculations and offers two new features — additional automated conversions of units and a printable report with conversions. The calculator quickly converts pounds to ounces, Newtons to pounds force, horsepower to Watts, etc. Precision can be set to display up to nine decimal points.

Tutoring available

Learning how to select a PLC or build a combination manual motor starter can be as simple as a click of the mouse, thanks to a video tutorial and training site from AutomationDirect, Cumming, Ga. The site, is divided into product categories, and features one- to 30-minute presentations. Each section provides links to relevant information from the company. A suggestions page allows feedback on information on the site and the chance to suggest future topics.

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