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Click on Current Issue for in-depth information on motors, bearings, linear motion, controllers, and sensors. Click on Issue Archive to browse past features; classic issues of the popular department Brushing Up are also warehoused to pass on to your favorite engineering student or protégé.

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Don't miss an issue of Motion System Design! Online renewal is free and fast to those engineers and designers involved in the field of PT motion control systems. All students, faculty, and those living outside the United States are eligible to receive discounted subscription rates to Motion System Design.

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You can also subscribe to Motion System Design's monthly eNewsletters, covering a variety of motion control and power transmission topics. In each eNewsletter, we keep the focus on one particular topic so content remains consistent.

Calendar fun

Now at you can download free, full-color desktop pictures of power transmission components, material handling products, and industrial hand tools to decorate your computer screen. Each picture includes a handy month calendar.

Sponsored by Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc., a printable 8.5 × 11-in. calendar is also available. Impress your coworkers: With one glance you'll know what day it is, or even what day of the week a specific date falls on.

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