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One of the best things about the Internet is the ability to easily jump from one site of interest to another via links, making it a true web instead of an archipelago of information islands. Most people don't like being held captive on a site with no related places to visit and explore. On the Motion System Design website, we make it easy to link to other sites that may be of great interest and importance to you, our readers.

From our homepage, click on Community along the top of the page and scroll to Industry Links. You'll find more than 50 important and relevant sites to check out, from bearing and gear associations to standard setting organizations. You may even discover a few sites you didn't know about, but that just may help you earn that next promotion. Happy site seeing!

Site upgrades very Web 2.0

Misumi USA Inc., Schaumburg, Ill., recently updated its automation components and web ordering functions at A newly enhanced search engine lets users search by either keyword or part number, with results displayed in easy-to-understand photos and text. Many products also include schematics that easily identify product shapes.

The revamped site also includes an upload feature that allows users to take an existing bill of materials and upload the data into the request for quotation page. In addition to the CSV fixed format, a new copy and paste function lets users open an Excel file, copy its contents, and paste data directly into the site, making it even easier to obtain quotations. Combined with a new “quick order” function on the site, component orders can be placed in minutes.

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