Motion System Design

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Focal-length calculator

Including cameras in your design? At one new online tool, enter imager size, object size, and object-to-imager distance, and an instant estimate is calculated for your application's focal length. Universe Kogaku America Inc. offers the tool to help all engineers designing with optics. Find it at

New site + design support

A recently relaunched site is designed to help OEMs and engineers access secure information about PEEK products, and technical support during development.

This site (of Victrex Polymer Solutions) is at A section called Ask the Expert allows users to identify application criteria and then connect with an expert who can address specific needs.

Degrees of freedom

Design according to requirements, not to software limitations: With free-form surfacing capabilities of Pro/ENGINEER Interactive Surface Design Extension, designers and engineers can create precise and aesthetic product designs. Check it out at

Oil/gas industry site

Altra Industrial Motion now offers to engineers working in that field. Detailed are application-specific PT and motion control solutions, including heavy-duty clutches and brakes, gearing, couplings, and sheaves vital to rugged oil and gas applications. The site is organized into 11 application-specific categories.

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