Motion System Design

Web contents

We invite you to spend some time at Motion System Design's new website. New features include links to blogs and useful papers. You'll also find online-exclusive content — related to articles, Fun with Fundamentals, and more. Check it out.

Online calculators

Available through, new engineering calculators offer easy source for quick figuring. A motion profile calculator helps determine the motion requirements of the motor and dial in an indexing application. An inertia units converter lets users convert from one set of units to another. A force and speed calculator calculates the centrifugal force of a rotating object, or the rotational speed necessary to generate a desired centrifugal force.

Online community

Now, the site of Balluff Inc., Florence, Ky., is part of a revamped global network of sites, linked together to provide market-specific content to customers, employees, and distributors. All sites include streamlined search functions and improved product documentation, including single page product data sheets, manuals, and installation guides.

Class roster online

Redesigned by Fisher/Unitech, Troy, Mich., is now integrated to offer end users accurate, real-time information on education and events. The site also incorporates technical support and customer care portals.

It includes a searchable database of SolidWorks 3D mechanical design and COSMOSWorks analysis software courses by class title, location, or availability. Also linked is 3DU.FUNTECH.COM, which offers education via an interactive online environment.

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