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Don't miss our new sister website,, which launched last month. This site, dedicated to applied interdisciplinary engineering, is the offspring of Machine Design, Motion System Design, and Electronic Design magazines, and highlights the interrelationship between mechanical and electrical engineering. The site features online-exclusive articles, design-oriented engineering exercises, and problem solving steps for interdisciplinary engineers. The latest news and products in the industry are live on the site, as are opportunities to ask questions of experts in the field or share your thoughts in our blog. Visit now and see what's new!

Increasing visibility, the Virtual Industrial Exhibition, of Marseille, France, topped 3 million monthly visitors in September 2007 with 40% of them coming from North America. This boost comes from improvements in the site's ergonomics, visitor support, and visibility on North American search engines. The richest information is now shown first in search results, with icons for products, press releases, and catalogs. Visitors sending requests to exhibitors receive a confirmation e-mail; if they haven't received a reply within 10 days, they receive a follow-up e-mail allowing them to resend it or contact the exhibitor directly. A new “telephone” request button has also been added to provide the manufacturer's contact numbers by country for direct communication.

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